Have you ever wondered when your house was built? Now is the time to gather all the information that you can in order to participate in the town’s new Historic Marker Program. Eligible properties will qualify for a dated wooden sign, approved by the Plympton Historical Commission.The program will recognize both historic homes and landscapes in Plympton. In its inaugural year, from June 2007 through December 2008, the signs carried a special logo commemorating the tercentennial celebration of the town’s incorporation with dates and a star motif. In a nod to the tercentennial, the subsequent signs will include the star motif without the dates.

Plympton is full of antique homes and historic landscapes. In order to celebrate the town’s history, and to recognize the importance of stewardship in maintaining that history, this program will help raise awareness and appreciation of our most treasured resources. Do you have a historic home or landscape that should be recognized? Download the guidelines and application materials to find out more information. If you still have questions, please contact the Commission.